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She was born sixteen years ago, on a sunny and beuatiful SoCal day.  Winter coats, boots and hats had no place in this girl’s closet.  She was at the beach within the first month she was born.  There were sun drenched photos every day for the first few years of her life.  Images of every possible first, every adventure, every smile.

Fast forward life from Southern California to Canada, where February days are truly winter and birthdays would be filled with snow; birthdays so cold nothing could be done outdoors. Birthdays spent hearing the “why did I have to be born in winter” blues.

So it was a treat when yesterday the weather was beautiful, and it reminded me of sunny days when she was born.  It was even better when Miss C asked me if I wanted to go take pictures with her.  Asked me – mind you…. not me bribing her, not me asking (ie: more like begging),  just asking ‘did you want to take pictures of me?’.   There’s a first time for everything I guess.

I see her everyday — but it wasn’t until I saw these images that I realized I again have the same need to capture every high point of the next few years of her life, just like I did the first year or two when she was littel.  In just two short years, she won’t be mine any longer.

Until then, I have days like yesterday to enjoy.   * heart *

xx’s and oo’s













































































































off on new adventures, she’ll be out on her own finding her way.  She won’t have time for photos with me…




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