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It’s another beautiful but cold Sunday here in Toronto, and after de-stressing with my very first ever yoga class this morning, I’ve also on to tackling some personal goals for the remaining few weeks, one big goal; to start tidying away my own personal photo files from 2010.  What a project — or I should say — it’s a never-ending project.  I’ll be honest, my own personal photos don’t receive near as much attention as my client photos.  You can ask anyone about the lack of really great canvas prints for our cottage, the lack of really good travel prints in our house, the lack of anything in the way of personal photos requiring my full attention in general. 

Do I really even take my own family photos for myself anymore?  The answer is yes, although, I can tell you that I seem to take less of them in family group situations.  Somehow it’s never easy to give direction family members, and it’s never easy to just enjoy holidays or  events in what I often call  ‘GWGC’ (guest with great camera) mode.   There are a lot of times I simply opt out of photographing anything in my personal life altogether, relying on everyone else to get photos for me. 

When I decided to become a photographer, and keeper of everyone else’s life moments, I put all my time, care and concern into making certain my client photos – my weddings – my portraits – are the most important and the ones that always receive the most care and attention to detail. 

I never thought my own personal photos would just sit and gather dust, waiting to be loved. Even though I have the best intentions for them, every year there seems to be a whole year’s worth of photos sitting in an external drive folder marked ‘Judy’s Personal Stuff’. 

So, here we are, 12 Sundays into 2011, and I figured it’s about time I started going through some of them, and also sharing some of them too.  And with my new blog up and running, I’m going to start off with a goal of a new Sunday feature  — call it Sharing Sunday – for lack of a more unique name.  My goal  – post at least one personal photo a month on a Sunday – If I do the math real quick – that leaves me with at least 9 photos for the Sharing Sunday category — maybe more if I can get it together and be much more ambitious with this project. 

So feel free to keep me motivated and keep me honest!  Keep asking me about all those cottage photos, travel photos, where in the world is Savannah photos, and anything else I find myself photographing on a regular basis. 

Today’s Sunday photo is for Miss Caitlin —  her 9th grade class photo — or at least that’s what it is for our house.   I have a bunch of brainstorm ideas for this summer which I can’t wait to have her try for her sophomore year. 

xx’s and oo’s


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